Qualifying for Medicaid

Do I qualify for Medicaid?

Qualification depends on income and family size. If qualified then you get free or low cost care and do not have to worry about new coverage.

Medicaid basic information

For some low-income people, families and children, expecting women, the aged, and people with disabilities Medicaid offers health coverage. These programs are based according to the federal guidelines, which are different for each state.

You might just qualify for Medicaid Today

For each state the conditions for eligibility differ. Most states provide coverage for adults with kids below a certain income level, as well as expecting women, some aged persons and those with disabilities.
Medicaid eligibility is increasing in every state under Obamacare/Affordable Care Act. Even if you have failed to qualify in the pass you may qualify under the latest regulations.
To know if you qualify, try any of these options:

  • You can check the state’s Medicaid (yourtexasbenefits.com) website or fill a form in our offices and we will inform you immediately.
  • If you were ineligible in the past now you may be eligible next year when new regulations apply.
  • Applications can be filled every October 1st. On doing so we will inform you if anybody qualifies for Medicaid, the agency will be instantly informed so that your coverage can start as soon as possible.

Benefits that Medicaid provides

Medicaid is planned in such a way that it is cost effective for all. According to the state’s rules, you have to pay a small share of the cost (like a copayment) for some medical services.