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Sign up for Obamacare Insurance or learn about your new options for 2024, new companies, different plans, health coverage and how to protect your family against unforseen medical expenses. Need more information for El Paso Obamacare Insurance call us today at 915-613-5102.

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El Paso Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act can help you lower your Health Insurance cost

U nder Obamacare Health Care Reform or the Affordable Care Act in El Paso Texas, you can Get Lower Cost on your premiums depending on your annual income and out of pocket costs when you apply for insurance. If you feel overwhelmed about understanding all the information relating Obamacare or the Health Care Reform Act, give us a call 915-613-5102 and we can help you apply and choose among different Health Care Insurance Plans available for El Paso, Texas and New Mexico.

Why I (and my Family) need Health Insurance in El Paso?

Nobody can foretell at what time they might fall prey to some sort of Sickness or Disease, thus it is necessary to be prepared financially to take care of medical needs. Health Insurance effectively covers these expenses and Saves You from Stress and Financial Losses.

How can I get Health Insurance if I’m self-employed in El Paso?

If you have your own business but no employees then you are not considered as an employer. You can enroll for Family or Individual Health Insurance and find out which benefits you are entitled by enrolling in Obamacare Health Insurance.

If unemployed/low income, what health coverage choices do I have in El Paso?

If you are facing unemployment than depending on your income you can apply for Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program or low cost health insurance. Your choices are based on the household income you have. It is not your employment status but your household size and income that decide the Health Insurance choices you qualify for and the degree of help you will receive for paying the coverage. If you have a low income you may be except from Obamacare but still can get medical attention at the San Vicente Clinic, La Fe Clinic and the University Medical Center in El Paso, TX.

What preventive care benefits does Obamacare include in El Paso?

Preventive Services most Health Plans include are shots and a free annual checkup.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid entitles you to free or cost effective health coverage depending on your annual income. It provides assistance to millions of Americans with low incomes or disabilities. Eligibility depends on the income and family size.

If I have a pre-existing health condition will I be denied Coverage in El Paso Texas area?

All plans cannot deny coverage or charge you more because of a pre-existing health condition. We have to wait and see if the current Trump presidency maintains this essential component of health insurance.

Is my child eligible for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in El Paso Texas?

Through the new Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act your child may also qualify for coverage for Health Coverage under the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Eligibility depends on the income and household size. Families with incomes too high for Medicaid and too low for private insurance can apply for it.

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